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Funny, that this is only my second posted film critique and it just so happens to be another film featuring rising star, Jason Mitchell. He was what I’ve already come to expect: refreshingly free and fun to watch. Someone needs to tell him though-before he gets too far, to LEAVE HIS MOUTH ALONE! In close ups, it is THE time to let the camera do all the work. You don’t have to DO anything! Master the stillness, Mr. Mitchell; as it is an amazing feat given your boundless off camera energy! lol

I wonder if this was evidence of the OVER direction given by Dee Rees. I was appalled (as was one of the actors, the great Jonathan Banks) that she did all of these ridiculous Theatre 101 acting exercises with her cast. Darling, you’ve hired professionals! They already know how to act. LET THEM DO THEIR JOBS.

As a result, the film-also written in part by Rees, seemed more like a “made for TV movie” and long at times-almost like watching an extended acting workshop. I found this REALLY surprising given how well she KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK with Bessie two years ago. To Miss Rees’ credit, she can do the hell out of EPIC. Dee Rees will be-mark my words-one of the greatest directors of all time (as long as she COMPLETELY trusts her eye and her casts).  The same can almost be said about Mary J. Blige. Keep taking those acting classes and DIG. You’ve got IT in spades. Be willing to let the camera see it. THIS part is the stuff Oscars are made of-but you didn’t GO THERE! It killed me! Mary, we’ve seen you unleash on stage in song! If you just put a touch of that in acting, if you decide THIS is what you want to do, Meryl Streep will have to sit down and you and Taraji will rule the world!

The best actor in the whole film is Mr. Rob Morgan. Seriously. After YEARS of watching this man, I’ve finally figured him out. (Stay with me.) In every Julia Roberts film there’s a quiet moment in which her eyes give the briefest twinkle and she smiles. She smiles that million dollar smile; and the clouds part and the angels sing? It’s the moment fans grew to live for and love her for.  The EXACT same is true for Mr. Morgan. The moment he smiles you KNOW there is a God. Now, Hollywood, if you can capitalise on that (and not try to take my man’s soul) maybe you won’t go extinct. You’re welcome.

Mudbound is a most necessary film and can be seen on Netflix. Let me know what you think.



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