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Our culture is dying…

I define culture as “the most shared experience”.  What was culture is becoming a collection-not even a collection, but an endless multitude of SUB-cultures.  We are losing our collective, OUR communities, and becoming cultures onto ourselves!  Not that that’s a BAD thing; but it is isolating and a bit scary.

Example:  When I was growing up, there were only 5 or 6 channels in America. ( I didn’t even own a television in the UK!)  And, the argument on the playground ..read more


Italian Chemtrail Researchers Come To Survey US-Canada By William Thomas 12-14-3 Concerned countrymen have dispatched two Italian filmmakers to document chemtrails on the other side of the Atlantic. After flying in from Rome last week, Vincent Gambino and Duccio Benvenuti interviewed the author – and were questioned in turn.

Vincent and Duccio showed recent video from their 3,500-year-old village in northern Italy. Perched 1,500 feet above the ..read more

Racism at Sundance? Award-Winning Film is "Too Black" to Find an Audience!


A dirty little secret of the Sundance Film Festival is out over at indieWIRE, where editor Eugene Hernandez relays an anecdote that this year’s award-winning (but undistributed) documentary Trouble the Water — about the odyssey of African-American survivors of Hurricane Katrina — might be off buyers’ radar because its “too black”:

“Why aren’t more white people in the film?,” an exec apparently asked back in Park City. I’ve heard similar versions of this story from a few different people connected to ..read more

August 2008

My Granny died when I was 16. It hit me the other day that I’ve just begun to live longer without her, than I did with her. It kills me.

“How’s it possible for someone to make you hurt so much In a place you want to heal and rub, but only they can touch?” (–part of a poem I wrote in high school.)

Being raised by my Great-Gran gave me an appreciation for ..read more

Go Buy "The Shell Game" by Steve Alten!


In the above interview Alten urges Philadelphia ABC viewers to research 9/11, read David Ray Griffin’s books, watch “Reflecting Pool,” visit 911Truth.org, read Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon, etc. etc. as he expounds many of the hard 9/11 questions and facts we have fought for years to get onto corporate media!

Dear Network Programmers, WAKE UP!!!



Great! So, maybe now the networks will start paying attention. For a long time, the average TV viewer has been way beyond the 18-25 demographic the bulk of advertisers have been going after. Now, will the networks change their programming accordingly?! Every retired person I know spends the bulk of their time watching television. Yet, sadly, they do not see themselves on the screen. No more! Give us programming that reflects the truth! ..read more

Either Someone Up There Likes Me, Or I’m Just Their Favorite Toy

Okay, so here’s what happened this weekend… Let me just start by saying, I’m undergoing some major P.M.S.. So, I’m way more, let’s say “emotionally dynamic” than usual. I had been looking forward to going to this seminar called “Acting Success Now”. It combines metaphysics with all the “think positive” stuff your mum taught you as a kid; “The Secret” sort of combined with “The Law of Attraction”, and how to apply the bloody stuff. The class guarantees results, or your money ..read more

Club Shows are Like Cattle Calls

Imagine you’re in a club. You’re in a loud, crowded, poorly lit, dance club. Then a fashion show begins in the middle of all the madness. Yes, a REAL (and in this case, I use the term lightly) fashion show with an actual runway. This is what’s called a “club show”. They are a disturbing mix of the dregs of society; and those that should truly be there-those INTERESTED in fashion. Between the nearly naked “chicks” (and I HATE “chicks”! ..read more

BERNIE MAC IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I met Bernie my second year of college in Chicago. We met through a friend of my cousin’s, who was a manager. He managed mainly comedians though; but took me to lunch anyway. With him, he brought the biggest black man I had ever seen, with an even bigger smile. We shook hands. “My name is Cupid.” “Well, my name is Peaches,” he shot back in that booming voice of his. He kept me laughing eversince. I didn’t know his ..read more

"You Gotta Please Yourself" See Garden Party!

If you live in LA, or have ever considered going, see this movie. More than any other film I’ve seen, Garden Party totally captures the mood and people of Los Angeles. Congrats to writer/director Jason Freeland. The cinematography isn’t the best in the beginning. The fact that most of the opening scenes are out of focus gets old fast. But the problem is quickly corrected. It’s the seemingly little things in film that matter; and Vinessa ..read more

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